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A total of 4 people work on this website, Travel With Crush. Bharat Andhale, Pramod Washimbe, Vaishali Mane, and Shreya Shinde We have all come together to create this website. All of us are highly educated and working in good positions but we love to travel to new places and we are trying our best to share our experience with you through this website.

Bharat Andhale

Bharat Andhale Photo
Bharat Andhale Photo

Bharat Andhale holds the main post on the website “Travel with Crush” and has a keen interest in web development. He is the most significant contributor to the development of this website, handling tasks related to coding and implementing features. Important decisions, such as selecting subjects to write about and identifying areas for improvement, are made without relying on sight. In essence, it is accurate to say that the CEO of this website is Bharat Andhale, Sir.

Pramod Washimbe

pramod Washimbe
pramod Washimbe

Pramod Washimbe handles all the editing work on this website. He completed his education with an M.Tech. degree and achieved excellent marks. He is one of the most significant contributors to the images used on this website. Pramod designs all the images and is responsible for all improvements. He possesses extensive knowledge of on-page SEO, and he is the one responsible for implementing all the improvements.

Vaishali Mane


Vaishali Mane has completed her education in BCS and is working on writing posts on this website. Vaishali Mane is very fond of research, so she is always learning about new places, and after visiting the place, she tells us about her experience of the place through this website.

Shreya Shinde


Shreya Shinde is doing important work in article writing and off-page SEO on this website. She likes to travel a lot and likes to visit international tourist places. She goes to many countries around the world and gives us information about the tourist attractions of those places through this website. It tells us about all the tourist places in the United States on this website.

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Travel With Crush is a dynamic and innovative travel company with a global footprint, spanning both the USA and India. With a commitment to creating unforgettable journeys, Travel With Crush stands out as a beacon of excellence in the travel industry.

Our dedicated team of experts is driven by a passion for crafting immersive and personalized experiences that take you on a voyage of discovery. Whether you’re seeking the vibrant energy of bustling cities or the tranquil serenity of natural wonders, Travel With Crush is your gateway to a world of adventures.

Our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making your dream destinations more accessible than ever. Discover the world with us, and let Travel With Crush be your trusted companion on every extraordinary voyage.

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Travel With Crush is your window to the world, a travel blog founded on December 8, 2022, born from a deep passion for exploration and the desire to share our global adventures. We’re here to inspire your wanderlust, offering insights, tips, and captivating stories that celebrate the beauty of travel and cultural diversity. Join us as we explore the globe, one destination at a time, and let your next adventure be guided by the heart of a true traveler.

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  • Inspire wanderlust and a love for travel.
  • Share valuable insights and travel tips.
  • Celebrate the beauty of diverse cultures and destinations.
  • Create a community of passionate travelers.


  • Be a trusted companion for travelers worldwide.
  • Foster a deeper appreciation for the world’s wonders.
  • Encourage responsible and sustainable travel practices.
  • Share the joy of creating lasting memories through travel experiences.

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