Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Parking: Top 7 Parkings

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Overview of Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Parking

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) museum is located in central Alabama and is one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions. More than 50 thousand people visit this place every year. One thing that always bothers tourists coming here is the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute parking.

Today in this article, we are going to see all the parking places near BCRI to help you park your car. The parking charges and duration are also mentioned in the table below to help you understand.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Parking

Top 7 Parking Near Birmingham Civil Rights Institute In 2023

Sr. WellParking FacilityDistance from the Birmingham Civil Rights InstitutePriceTime
1Birmingham Civil Rights Institute On-Site ParkingAdjacent$5-$10Open during museum hours
2Birmingham Parking Authority Deck2-minute walk$5-$10Open 24/7
35th Avenue North Parking Deck5-minute walk$5-$10Open 24/7
47th Avenue North Parking Lot6-minute walk$5-$10Open during the day
5Linn Park Parking8-minute walk$5-$10Open during the day
620th Street Parking Lot10-minute walk$5-$10Open during the day
7Metered Street ParkingVaries, along nearby streets$0.25-$0.75Hours may vary by location.

Parking at the BCRI

Parking facilities are available in a limited space behind the BCRI Museum. If you reach this place early, then you get a chance to park your car at that place; otherwise, you have to go to another place. This parking lot is free for museum tourists.

Most of the tourists park their cars at this place, but sometimes they have to take another route due to a lack of space. If parking is not available in the on-site lot near this location, there are many parking options available nearby.

Street parking

Street parking is available on roads adjacent to BCRI. You can find street parking at 5th Avenue North, 6th Avenue North, and 16th Street North near BCRI.

You also need to remember that there are metered parking lots on the streets.

Parking garages

If you find it difficult to find parking, parking garages near BCRI are your option. Parking garages where you can park your car and visit the museum. The museum and parking garage are about a five- to ten-minute walk away.

Tips for parking at the BCRI

Thousands of tourists visit BCRI. If you are planning to visit this museum during weekends or school holidays, it is a good idea to reach the place early in the morning so that you can get parking at the place as soon as possible.

Arriving early in the morning gets early parking and does not require much wandering for parking. Sometimes arriving early in the morning allows you to park your car in the vacant lot behind BCRI.

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We have seen complete information about Birmingham Civil Rights Institute parking today through this article. Also, all the parking areas near BCRI are covered by us today in this article. Enjoy any type of parking service you need.

The best tip for you to get a parking space is that, by using the above, we have mentioned that you can get a parking space as soon as possible and nearby.

Many tourists visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute during the holidays, so parking problems arise. But it is best to reach the place early in the morning so that free parking is available.

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