7 Best Places to Visit in Sangli For Couples in 2024

Overview of 7 Best Places to Visit in Sangli For Couples

Sangli is a district of Maharashtra that is very important in tourism. Sangli district is also known as the Turmeric Capital of India. Sangli district has many wineries, sugar belts, and vintage. All these things you can see after visiting the city of Sangli.

Sangli is an important district for tourism and these districts have many tourist spots for couples, which are very important to visit. Sangli district is named after Saha Galli. Sangli district has many tourist attractions, including the Ganapati Temple in Sangli, Sangli Fort, Sagareshwar Sanctuary, Krishna Phul, and Irwin Bridge.

Today, through this article, we will learn about all these tourist places and also see which are the best places for couples.


List of Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Sangli For Couples

01Ganapati TempleSangali
02Dandoba Hills Forest ReserveSangali
03Sangmeshwar TempleSangali
04Baahubali Hill TempleSangali
05Sangli FortSangali
06Chandoli National ParkSangali
07Gokak FallsSangali

1. Ganapati Temple

There are many religious tourist places in Sangli district, and Sangli Ganapati Temple is one of them. Every district has a Ganesha temple similarly Sangli Ganapati temple in Sangli district is a very famous religious tourist destination.

Chintamanrao Patwardhan built this Ganpati temple in Sangli district. The construction of the temple was completed in the year 1843 and this temple has a period of 181 years so it is an ancient temple. Being one of the oldest temples in the district, Ganapati Temple is known as one of the most famous religious tourist spots in Sangli district.

The construction and architecture of the temple is fascinating. An attractive feature of this temple is the architecture from the period. The temple complex is about two acres and includes many religious places.

The two-acre site includes a pulpit, an impressive Great Hall, and a Town Hall. All these things attract to visit this temple making it one of the best tourist spots in Sangli city.

2. Dandoba Hills Forest Reserve

Dandoba Hills Forest Reserve is the best place for nature lovers and is one of the most popular nature tourism destinations in Sangli district. Many couples visit this tourist spot to spend some moments in the beauty of nature and interact with each other. Dandoba Hills Forest Reserve is a must-visit place if you also want to see the different beauty of nature.

Dandoba Hills Forest is not only famous for nature lovers but also has many historical tourist spots. The most popular religious tourist spot in this place is Shiva Mandir.

This Shiv Mandir is one of the famous religious tourist spots in Sangli district and is situated in a scenic environment that offers you the pleasure of a religious tourist spot along with the natural beauty. Many tourists from the Sangli district come here daily to pray.

There are many things to do in this forest including climbing the hill, taking photos in the scenic environment, and witnessing the unforgettable sunrise and sunset in the morning and evening.

After visiting this forest, you can also enjoy water sports. Sometimes you can enjoy swimming in the pool of this place but it is equally important that you take care of yourself.

3. Sangmeshwar Temple

Sangli district has many famous religious tourist places, and Sangameshwar temple is one of them. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is one of the most revered gods in Hindu mythology. A large number of Shiva devotees come to visit this temple.

As this temple is very old, this temple has historical and mythological importance. The temple is situated at the confluence of two important rivers Krishna and Varana. The whole area of the temple is beautiful and rich. River trees and Sangameshwar Temple all attract the tourists and devotees who come here.

Millions of tourists visit this temple every year. If you are visiting the city of Sangli with your loved one then Sangameshwar Temple is a must-visit.

4. Baahubali Hill Temple

Bahubali Hill Temple is a major tourist destination in the Sangli district and has become a favorite destination for millions of tourists. As this temple is located near the city of Sangli, many tourists from Sangli district visit this place. As this is a place to hang out with friends on holidays, we also get to see many couples in this place.

This place is also known as Baahubali Hills Kumbhogiri. There is a 28-foot-high idol of Saint Baahubali at this place. According to information, it is said that sage Bahubali meditated at this place 400 years ago. Many tourists come from all over the country to see this tourist spot and pray at this place.

The temple area is rich and has a peaceful atmosphere. After coming here you should spend some time on the temple premises and experience the beauty of this place.

5. Sangli Fort

Sangli districts have religious and natural tourist spots along with various historical tourist spots. Sangli Fort is a historical place in the Sangli district which is considered the best place for history lovers. The fort was built by the Peshwas and today houses a school.

The school at this place is known as Purohit Girls High School. At this fort, you can find a museum with a collection of many antiques. History buffs enjoy visiting this fort to see these historical structures and get in-depth information about them.

All these things attract the history buffs to visit this fort so a large number of tourists from Sangli district and surrounding districts visit this place on holidays. You can find Sangli Court near the Sangli fort.

6. Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and park lovers. Earlier this place was known as a wildlife sanctuary which is now known as Chandoli National Park. The southern part of the park houses the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve while the northern parts contain the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.

This national park is spread over a huge area where you can see a variety of animals birds and many reptiles. Different types of plants can be seen in this forest. Unusual trees like Indian Gooseberry, Crepe Myrtle, Ajani Ironwood Tree, and Jamun are found in the national park.

This national park has a variety of animals which number in thousands. The best time to visit Chandoli National Park is from October to February and a large number of tourists visit this place during this period.

7. Gokak Falls

We get to see a natural beauty called a waterfall. Waterfall viewing is a favorite activity of many tourists that’s why Gokak Waterfall in Sangli District is a famous tourist destination in Sangli District during monsoons.

This waterfall flows after the monsoon rains and many nature lovers of Sangli district and tourists from surrounding districts throng here to see its beauty. Being a scenic tourist spot. The depth of this waterfall is 177 m. At the beginning of the rains, the water of this waterfall appears to be flowing, but as the days pass, the water becomes clear.

The soft sound of this waterfall from a distance mesmerizes the tourists. There are a lot of goki trees in the area of this waterfall hence the name Gokak Falls.

You can do trekking in the vicinity of this waterfall. All these things attract the tourists who come here and every year thousands of tourists visit during the monsoon season.

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Today from this article we have first complete information about 7 Best Places to Visit in Sangli For Couples. We have included scenic and historical tourist places in Sangli in this article so that couples can enjoy seeing all the places.

You need to do proper planning to visit all these tourist places so make sure to fulfill everything before visiting all these places. You can use various modes of transport to visit all these tourist spots but if you are visiting with your partner then use a private vehicle and you will complete a successful trip.

Thanks for reading.

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