Alandi Temple Pune (Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple): 2024 Updated

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Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple Alandi: Famous Temple in Pune

Alandi temple Pune: The state of Maharashtra has various religious tourist places that attract foreign tourists to visit as well. The temple located at Alandi in Pune, Maharashtra, is one of the most popular temples. Alandi Temple is known as Sant Dnyaneshwar Sanjivani Samadhi Temple.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is one of the many great saints born on the soil of Maharashtra. The Samadhi of Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, who is known as a great saint of the twelfth century, is located at Alandi near Pune city.

Devotees of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj come from far away for darshan, so Alandi has a new identity as Pandhari of the Warkari sect.

A large number of Varkari sects from Maharashtra come to Alandi in Pune every year to have a darshan of Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj; hence, the city of Alandi is also known as Devachi Alandi. It is a religious pilgrimage site at a distance of 27 km from the city of Pune.

Why Do We Visit Alandi Temple?

  1. To learn something new about the temple.
  2. Visit the temple and enjoy the time.
  3. To connect with other people.
  4. To relax and de-stress.
  5. To be inspired.

Alandi Temple and History

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj took Samadhi at Alandi in Maharashtra at the age of 21. Today, a grand temple has been built at the place where Mauli Maharaj took Samadhi.

Devotees and tourists from all over the world visit the city of Alandi to have the darshan of Mauli Maharaj.

The city of Alandi is world-famous as God’s Alandi. The temple area is very big. After the renovation of the temple, the temple has a beautiful view.

The temple carries forward the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Maharashtra.

Alandi Temple includes many important things, including Sant Dnyaneshwar Samadhi Temple, a Prayer Temple, and a well-equipped large hall for receiving religious

Full vigilance is taken by the temple trust to ensure that tourists and devotees do not face any kind of problem.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Temple, also known as Alandi Temple, is world-famous for its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple Alandi is known as important evidence of Indian culture and religious craftsmanship.

Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Alandi Temple Alandi Temple Pune
Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Alandi Temple

Construction Facts of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple

Alandi Temple is designed in the Hemadpanti architectural style, and this temple has two floors. Important materials like stone, lime, and bricks have been used while constructing the temple.

As the temple has been renovated, you get to see many things in this new look that are very attractive.

Some places are as they are, but others have been renovated. Alandi Temple is also known as an ancient architectural site from the 12th century AD. In the early days, the area of ​​Alandi temple was not so big, but with the passage of time, constructions were made in it and today the area of ​​Alandi temple i.e. Sant Dnyaneshwar Temple Alandi has become very large.

Main Temple: Samadhi Mandir of Dnyaneshwar Manuli Maharaj

The main temple has a stone mausoleum of Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. The samadhi is covered with a silver roof, and devotees visit it and offer flowers, fruits, and other materials. The temple has depictions and idols of many deities, including Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva.

The whole area of ​​the temple is very beautiful. All the religious tourist places in Maharashtra are clean and beautiful. T

His mind is very happy after coming to this place. So many families visit Alandi in Pune city to enjoy their trip.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple, located in Alandi, is visited by tourists and devotees not only from India but also from all over the world.

There are temples dedicated to other deities in the vicinity of Alandi Temple, which you can visit after visiting this place.

Live Darshan of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple, Alandi

Festivals and Celebrations

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple Alandi is open to tourists and devotees throughout the year. According to Indian culture, many annual ceremonies are organized at this place. Festivals and celebrations are celebrated with great joy every year at Alandi Temple.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi is one of the most popular annual yantras. This annual yatra starts in Alandi, Pune, and stops at Pandharpur. Palkhi completes the journey from Alandi to Pandharpur every year.

The palanquin carries the feet of Saint Dnyaneshwar, who is seen by many devotees. Devotees of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj participate in this palanquin ceremony in large numbers and complete the journey from Alandi to Pandharpur on foot.

The entire journey of this Dindi is on foot, so Vitthal goes to the Rukmini temple in Pandharpur, braving the heat, wind, and rain. Vitthal and Rukmai are said to protect their devotees from this calamity and bring their devotees safely to Pandharpur for their darshan.

Every year, lanterns from all corners of India come to Pandharpur, so on the occasion of Kartiki Ekadashi, a crowd of lakhs can be seen in the cities of Pandharpur.

Festivals of Indian culture like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi, and Gudhipadwa, along with Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi, are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.

On the occasion of this festival, the temple is fully decorated, so devotees from Pune city visit Alandi city in large numbers to see this beautiful view of the temple.

The temple is decorated with lighting on the occasion of festivals and celebrations, so the view of the temple in the evening is a sight to behold. The sight of the temple being decorated with flowers and lights at some festivals is also mind-blowing.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Bhakta Niwas Alandi Pune

Sant Dnyaneshwar Temple Alandi is one of the most popular religious tourist places in Pune. Lakhs of devotees and tourists visit this place every year to have darshan of Dnyaneshwar Mauli Maharaj, so the accommodation of the devotees is also arranged by the temple committee, which is known as Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Bhaktnivas.

The devotees who come to visit Alandi Temple want to stay for a few days. They can stay in the Bhakti Niwasa at a very low cost. Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Bhakti Nivas is a simple and comfortable accommodation for travelers.

Bhakta Niwas provides you with clean rooms with basic facilities like fan beds and bathrooms to make your stay better. Nearby is the guest house canteen, where you can relish pure vegetarian food. If you are planning to visit Alandi in the future, then this place is best for you.

History of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj: Starting Days and Family Background

Known as a great saint and poet of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries AD, Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj has remained in the heart of Maharashtra and in the hearts of every warrior. Mauli Maharaj was born into a poor family to Vitthal Pant Kulkarni and Rukminibai Kulkarni.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj had two brothers and one sister; their names were Nivrittinath Sopan Dev and Muktabai, etc. Mauli Maharaj produced a wealth of literature during his lifetime and was passionate about spirituality and philosophy.

At a time when the Sanskrit language was not understood by the common man, Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj wrote a book known as “Dnyaneshwari” Granth in order to make his thoughts reach every common person by translating Sanskrit books into the Marathi language.

The book “Dnyaneshwari” is in the Marathi language, so everyone understands this language and knows its knowledge.

Birth of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj

Apegaon is a village situated on the banks of the river Godavari near Paithan town in Aurangabad district.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’s father had taken Sannyas, but as per Guru’s order, he re-entered Grihastha Ashram. Vitthal Pant Kulkarni had four children.

Name of All Four Child of Vitthal Pant Kulkarni

  1. Nivrittinath Vitthal Pant Kulkarni
  2. Gyandev Vitthal Pant Kulkarni
  3. Sopandev Vitthal Pant Kulkarni
  4. Muktabai Vitthal Pant Kulkarni

At that time, Saint Dnyaneshwar and his three sisters and brothers had to face many hardships as children of sannyasi. The society also ignored them and put them in more trouble. Far from supporting them, society started putting them in more trouble.

They were tortured, never spoken to well, always insulted, and they had to face many hardships. Vitthal Pant went on a pilgrimage and settled at Alandi near Pune city.

Penance of Father and Mother of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj

Vitthal Pant and Rukmini Bai took penance in their bodies. Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’s father and mother decided to sacrifice their bodies in the nearby Indrayani River and, in the evening, took their lives by jumping into the river.

Even after the parents repented, the societies did not stop torturing their children; they started torturing them even more. But Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and his three siblings did not give up and ignored the depraved society.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj wrote the book “Dnyaneshwari” in the Marathi language at the age of sixteen. In today’s time, the book “Dnyaneshwari “is very famous, and it is recited by many people every day.

How to Contact the Trust of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple Alandi

Contact Number 8530617272 |   (02135) 233222
Email[email protected]
AddressSant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Sansthan Committee: Alandi Devachi, Tal. Khed, Dist. Pune (412105)


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Note: This is not the official website of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple Trust Alandi.

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How to Reach Alandi Temple

  • By train: Take a train to Alandi railway station.
  • By bus: Take a bus to the Alandi bus stand from the Swargate bus stand in Pune.
  • By car: Drive to Alandi from Mumbai, Pune, or other major cities in India.

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Alandi Pune is famous for Religious places like Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Temple and many more.

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God Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is in Alandi Temple Pune.

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