Temghar Dam Pune: Nature Beauty and History

Temghar Dam Pune Information | History of Temghar Dam

Temghar Dam Pune Is an important dam in Maharashtra. Friends Temghar Dam is one of the major dams in Maharashtra. This dam is a gravity dam, and it is divided by big mountains. The surrounding area of ​​the dam is blessed with a natural environment.

Temghar Dam is located in Mulshi Taluka of the Pune District of Maharashtra. Several medium-sized dams have been constructed along the Temghar Lavasa road. 

Use of Temghar Dam Pune.

Temghar Dam Pune is the major source of water supply to Pune City. this dam is built on the Mutha River. Water in the Temghar dam is mainly used for irrigation projects.

The construction of this dam was completed between 1991 and 2001, Pune district will benefit from the water of the Temghar dam. the water storage capacity of Temghar Dam is 3.75 tmc.

About Temghar Dam.

The total area of ​​this dam is approximately 55 thousand 215 square kilometers. Construction of the Temghar dam was completed in 2001, just fifteen years after the massive leakage began. Later it was decided to repair the dam. dam repair work was taken up in 2017.

The dam safety act 2021 was implemented across the country to prioritize dam safety. Through this law, safety plans have been suggested after reviewing all the dams in the country. 

Photos of Temghar Dam Pune

  • Temghar dam pune
  • Temghar dam pune
  • Temghar dam pune
  • Temghar dam pune
Name of place.Temghar Dam Pune.
Near City.Pune.
How long does it take to see this place?2 to 3 hours.
Best time to visit.
Any time.
Timing.10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fees.No fees.
Address.Near Mulashi Taluk, Pune, Maharashtra
Location.Location of Temghar Dam.

Things that You Can See Here.

From the point of view of tourism. Temghar Dam is full of surroundings and a natural environment. The dam area is very clean and beautiful. After filling this dam many tourists come to visit this dam. Temghar Dam is 43 km from Pune City and 87 Km from Bhor. So friends, today we have learned about the Temghar dam in Maharashtra.  

Thousands of tourists visit the Temghar Dam every year. Tourists from nearby towns visit this place during holidays. Most of the tourists from the Pune district visit Temghar Dam every year.

The Atmosphere at Temghar Dam.

The temperature of this place goes up to 42 degrees Celsius in summer and goes down to ten-degree Celsius in winter.

This area receives about 760 Mm of rainfall. The best time to visit the Temghar dam is in summer and monsoon. You can visit this place in the first few days. You can visit this dam anytime but that time will be best for you as most tourists are seen visiting this place so this time will be best for you to visit this dam. 

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Facility to Reach Temghar Dam Pune.

Bus facilities, as well as rail and air, are also available to reach this place. You can visit Pune city by any of the above three ways and from there you can visit this place using the bus route or you can also visit this place using your vehicle. This place will be perfect for you to visit with your Friends Or Family.

Here you can study nature research. You can experience various things in nature. There you will get to see and experience the dam’s construction and other buildings

Temghar Dam Pune Video, Best Hotels, and Map


Best Hotels Near Temghar Dam

01The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa
02Residency Lake Resort
03Encore A Boutique Resort
04Atmantan Wellness Resort
05Hotel Celebration Lavasa


People Also Ask These Questions.

Which Is the Biggest Dam in Pune?

Khadakwasla Dam is the biggest dam in the Pune district. There are many dams present in the Pune district the Khadakwasla Dam is the biggest dam.

How Far Is Temghar from Pune?

Temghar Dam is 43 km from Pune City and 87 km from Bhor.

Where Is Temghar Dam Located?

Temghar Dam is located in the Mulshi sub-district of the Pune District of Maharashtra. There is a dam in Mulshi Taluka. Several medium-sized dams have been constructed along the TemGhar Lavasa road. 

Which Is the 2nd Biggest Dam in Maharashtra?

There are many dams in Maharashtra, but the Mulshi dam Is the 2nd biggest dam in Maharashtra.

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