Mobile Bay Ferry Schedule 2024: Must Know Before Visit

About the Mobile Bay Ferry Schedule

Mobile Bay ferry operates across Mobile Bay to Dauphin Island and Mobile Point. Knowing the Mobile Bay ferry schedule is essential for tourists who want to visit this place and experience the Mobile Bay ferry.

Today we are going to see the complete ferry schedule through this article so that you have an idea in advance and reach the place on time.

A round takes approximately 40 minutes to complete so generally, rounds start every 40 minutes.

Mobile Bay ferry schedule

Above, you are given complete information about the Mobile Bay ferry schedule. On the day you are going to that place, from what time the ferry starts in the morning and the last ferry in the evening is given complete information. Along with that, we have provided all the necessary information in this post.

Stay Informed About Mobile Bay Ferry Schedule and Updates

The ferry schedule varies according to weather and maintenance so please check the ferry schedule before actually visiting this place or else you may not be able to enjoy the ferry and spend your precious time well if the ferry facility is closed.

Now you don’t need to go anywhere to know the ferry schedule. You are now at home after calling the number 251-861-3000 You will be given the complete information and many important updates. Visit Mobile Bay Ferry’s official Facebook page.

Mobile Bay Ferry Schedule
Mobile Bay Ferry Schedule

Explore Historic Forts

A ferry ride takes approximately forty minutes to complete which gives you a view of the two historic forts. The fort you see has long protected the entrance to Mobile Bay.

Two historical forts, Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan, are open to tourists and many foreign tourists as well as local tourists come to see these forts.

Explore Mobile Bay’s Historic Forts on a Scenic Ferry Ride

A large number of tourists visit this place, especially during the summer season, to enjoy the ferry between Dauphin Island and Mobile Point. As this is a popular way to see these forts, tourists also follow this route.

After coming to this place, you get to experience the best view of the surrounding area and natural beauty today. It is also an attractive tourist destination for history lovers and a great way to learn about local history.

Ferry fares and discounts

Ferry Fare:

  • Passengers: $5. 00
  • Vehicle: $15. 00
  • Motorcycle: $7. 50


  • Seniors (65+): $4. 00
  • Children (6–12): $2. 50
  • Military personnel: $4. 00

How to buy ferry tickets

You can buy tickets directly by going there. You cannot book advance tickets online. If any site online allows you to book tickets online, then be careful, and if you start this service online in the next few days, you will see a notification on the website.

Tips for riding the ferry:

  • To buy tickets, you should reach the venue at least 30 minutes early and buy the tickets in person.
  • Check the round schedule before visiting the actual result venue. You can see the ferry schedule online on the official website.
  • You can inquire about the ferry schedule by calling the above contact number.
  • Bring snacks and drinks with you so you don’t have any problems during the journey.

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Today, through this article, detailed information about the Mobile Bay ferry schedule has been viewed. The schedule is subject to change so check before visiting. if possible Go to that place and inquire otherwise Get information by calling the given contact number.

Remember those Mobile Bay ferry tickets? You have to go to that place and buy them. Travel with crush for similar important information Stay connected with this website and information about new tourist destinations Read on.

People Also Ask These Questions

Is there a ferry that goes from Dauphin Island to Gulf Shores?

Yes, there is a ferry ride that goes from Dauphin Island to the gulf shore.

How many cars fit on the Mobile Bay Ferry?

Maximum 28 cars fit on the Mobile Bay Ferry.

How long do you need to arrive before the ferry?

You must come at least 90 min before the start ferry.

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